Monday, March 21, 2011


Our Real estate agent probably hates us.... I don't think we'll be buying that condo.  Ben was reading the minutes from their HOA meetings and we really don't like the management there.  We would have paid like $193 or something in HOA fees, which is high, and then he read that they just raised it 10% this year, and your responsible for your own HVAC stuff.  Not just HVAC, there were multiple things that they decided they weren't going to pay for anymore.  So why are they raising the HOA?  We don't know either.  and although it is really cheap... We are weighing more cons the more we look into it.  But good news is, we are looking at a house again!  I so love the idea of a house more than a condo or an apartment.  It is in WX, close to my parents but not too close, we would be in a different stake so we like that.  Its a HUD home, but it looks really clean from the pictures.  We're going to see it tonight, I'm so excited ;)  we drove by it Saturday and looked in the windows and from what we could see we really like it!  It would be so much less work than that condo or even the other houses we were looking into.  It has a great back yard = LOVE, a huge deck = LOVE, and the car port can easily be made into a garage = LOVE, especially for Ben.  We were wondering where he would put all his tools in the condo.  Anyways, I will keep updating as I know what we're doing.  Don't be surprised of changes but I hope we have finally found something!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Excitement... Not an initial reaction

Good day fellow Bloggers! Ben and I have been house hunting ever since he got this state job, and this is a great time to buy!... As long as you're not buying in southern Davis county.  Farmington to NSL is still so expensive to live in!  We really want to stay in this area though, where Ben works in SLC and I work here in B-town.  So after looking at well over 12 houses here in the area we decided unless we can deal with a 30 min commute to work (for Ben), we would have to find some compromise.  We found a little condo in Centerville.  It needs some work. Like a lot of work, both Bathrooms, new carpet, new tile, fix leaky plumbing, and the list goes on.  So, initially I am not excited, lets just say it isn't exactly livable by our standards.  You're probably thinking why the heck are they buying it!?  Well my friends we are going to buy it because it is only going to cost us $60,000!  Woot, that is a deal!  Ok, I will confess, I don't know for sure if they will accept 60, but we offered 64 and they said yes within 24 hrs, so we thought "hey, that was easy, maybe they will go lower?".  The worst they could do is say no right?  Then we just end up paying 64. No biggie, but we have to try. We can then very much afford to tear the place apart and put it back together the way we want ;)  I like that.  AAAnd, thanks to my very talented husband we can do it ourselves and avoid paying labor.  He does everything, plumbing, electrical, tile, paint, EVERYTHING!(and, I'm not a half bad assistant if I do say so myself)

So, although I was not excited initially, I am getting so stinking excited to make it our own.  Ben and I have a ton of fun exploring different ways to make it the sexiest condo ever ;)  We've already picked out our furniture (which we wont be able to buy right away cause of all the other projects, but still...).  I found this web site that sells expensive name brand furniture really cheap! 

Dining Room Table + Chairs (not the hutch or side bar)

Bedroom set:  Headboard + 2 nightstands 

And last but not least, our living room furniture
Complete set

That is 12 pieces of furniture for under $5 grand ya'll.  (the chairs are sold individually)  I'm sure there is a cheaper way, but not to get what we want, this is quality-I'm telling you.  And we would rather save and get what we want than settle for some DI furniture that is gross. 

I know thats kinda moving in the wrong direction, but we already know what colors, materials and so forth for the rest of the place, so why not have the whole thing planned out right?  Its so fun :)  I can't wait til I can post before and after's for you, then you will know how amazing we are ha ha just kidding, but seriously...

I guess at the end of the day, it sounds like I'm excited.  


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good Eatin'

I don't know what lit the fire, but I have been on it this week!  I'm not usually very good at making dinner, I'll admit.  Not because I'm lazy, or don't want to...but because I'm kinda limited on space, and that makes it very hard to do much.  I usually have to put my crock pot or rice cooker or even toaster on the floor cause there's no room on the counter (I know what you're thinking, what counter?).

That's all foks... thats my whole kitchen.

Anyway, I am pretty good with my microwave, and I have a little double burner that I can plug in.  Long story short, I get by.  So because I am so proud of my efforts this week, I thought I'd share what we had because it was delicious!  Now, I'm no food photographer so you will just have to trust me, some of these pictures may not look appetizing but it was; they all were.

Stuffed French toast.
for Breakfast... My first attempt, so yummy!
I wish we had some whipped cream, but maybe its good we didn't ;) 

Cajun Chicken with a Raspberry Mustard dipping sauce

This is just a sandwich, but I used my leftover Raspberry Mustard on it and it was so good!
Its easy, just Raspberry preserves and honey Dijon Mustard 

Ah, this was tonight.
Home made Cafe Rio my friends. 
 I had to take Ben's fork to get a picture, it was so good!

I got a great recipe from Giada at home, or whatever its called, for Beef pops with pineapple and parsley sauce.  My sister in law already made them, (I think she must watch Giada too) and they were really good, so I let you know how it goes.  I'm planning on making them tomorrow night.  

PS anyone who wants the recipes, just let me know which ones and I will post them, I didn't know if anyone would even be interested and that takes a long time to type up, but I am willing to share the deliciousness!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, the Doc called yesterday and my HcG's went from 8500 to 1200.  Definitely a miscarriage.  I have to go in next week and have my blood taken, yet again, to make sure that my levels "resolve" so basically they will keep taking blood until my HcG is 5 or below.  With as quick as it dropped my hopes are for one more blood test and I can be done.  At least until the progesterone testing commences.

 I felt like I was handling it OK... until Ben got home, then I kind of fell apart.  I feel very blessed to have him and this experience has made me better, I hope.  I have had so much support from him, and good friends and family.  I also work with some of the most amazing people, who did not fall short on letting me know I was missed and that they were thinking of Ben and I.

Dr. B's wife made this beautiful flower arrangement for me, it smelled so good!
(I can't wait for spring)

And the office signed a card for me that made me cry. 

I also received a candy bar from Dr. B's daughter with a cute note from her family.  There is not a picture of it for obvious reasons...
Another one of the office ladies, who Ben and I served with in the Nursery for a year or more brought us each a cup cake from the sweet tooth fairy :)  Very delicious!  No ordinary cup cakes there.  Yum... again no picture.  Don't judge me.

I have so many wonderful people in my life, and so much to be grateful for.  I'm looking forward to bigger and better things, and I am optimistic that they will happen... in the lord's time.  I am so grateful to know there is someone watching over me who loves me and wants whats best for me, and I am grateful they see the big picture.  That is a real comfort to me.  I wish everyone had this comfort in hard times.  

I'm hoping I will have more happy posts from here on out, I hope my blog isn't depressing to read. Although it has so far been about the hard times, I tried to make it more about my experiences and what I am learning or feeling from those things experienced.  Thanks for reading and thanks for the love and support ;)  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The wild ride continues

So, Yesterday-Monday, I went in to the doctor's office to get checked out thanks to the eventful weekend.  I was told to be there at 9 AM and would see a Dr. Robinson (who is not my Doc.)  I ended up waiting an hour and a half for a Dr. Cannon (also not my Doc.)  A nurse takes me back and weighs me, takes my blood pressure, and pricks my finger.  Twice.  "sorry, I didn't get you good enough the first time".  Good news is, my Iron is good 14.9!  Sweet.  "OK, take off your bottoms and Dr. Cannon will be in to check you"....What?  I didn't know I was getting "checked"?!  Ok, bottoms off.  Dr. Cannon's nurse comes in and talks with me a minute about what happened over the weekend and says " I know so and so told you to take your bottoms off, but I think we will end up taking blood or doing another ultrasound, so go ahead and get dressed, she will be in in a minute."  OK!  Bottoms on, I'm good with that :).   A few minutes later, Nurse:  "Sorry, I know I told you to get dressed, but she wants to check your cervix, so go ahead and take your bott..."  Bottoms off, I know.  Finally, Dr. Cannon comes in and I will save you the grimy details, but can you say giant Q-tips and FORCEPS!?  Ouch, very crampy situation.  So cervix is closed, but that doesn't mean anything anymore.  Dr. Cannon:  "well, it sound suspicious of a miscarriage..."  I'll say!  So after I was able to get dressed and stay dressed, I got to go visit my friend in the basement of the clinic.  This poor guys probably knows more about me than he would like to.  I see him more than the average patient.  Poor, poor guy.  Anyway, so he had to take 2 vials of blood this time, because I didn't have a donor card or something to show my blood type. I think its O+.  I'm much improved at the whole needle in arm thing.  I still need to lay down, but I can do so without feeling faint.  Ya, I usually feel faint, even when I lay down.  Actually I usually faint.  So now I am awaiting my results to see if I get to do another ultrasound.  I have no expectations.  I would just like to know if my little pea is still alive or not!  So, we wait.  What a ride.