Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm starting to think mother nature is seriously confused!  It is the 6th of December and we still don't have much snow!  Crazy, we usually have snow on Halloween.  However, we did have some serious WIND!  I woke up around 3 in the morning on Wednesday/Thursday to some crazy wind, I thought our bedroom window was going to come in on us.  So after trying to lie in bed and sleep, unsuccessfully, I got up and watched the storm for a while, went back to bed still couldn't sleep.  Then BANG, I heard huge clashing!  Jumped out of bed and of course, we had forgot to bring in our Garbage cans.  They had fallen over and were in the process of rolling down the street!  So I ran and got my poor husband up (he was sleeping just fine) and we chased down our garbage cans.  One up side is we had our recycling out.  Even though they didn't pick it up that week, the wind did!  Sorry to whatever neighbor's yard got all our recycling.  It WAS quite full...  Aside from our garbage cans the storm took out 3 big sections of our fence, the fence between the two cars, and our cute tree in the front yard. I thought it was going to come down on our other window, so we tried to stake it down, but we didn't have a rope or a stake so we used a shovel and some electrical wire (Mcgruber!)  And we still lost it.  Boo.  So now we will have to get a new tree, which is OK.
 Its tricky to see because our neighbor also lost their back fence, but there is a big piece missing on the right and in the corner by the electrical pole.

Poor tree!

On a happier note, I am so in the Christmas spirit this year ;)  Its so fun to go through the different seasons in a house that is newly your own, I have room to put up a real (fake) tree, last year our tree was charlie brown for sure.  Its so fun, we have a fireplace to hang our stockings!  The one year I might have been OK with snow if decides not to.  Go figure, oh well  I am loving our basement right now, we even got one of those smelly bags of pine cones haha

Yay for Christmas!
Update on the Baby bump!  We have finally started getting somewhere on names!  Thank heavens, I was afraid we would be racking our brains at the hospital, but I think we have a few good options lined up.  I'm liking options.  He is still Chet to me because we didn't have a better idea for so long, and I've grown to really like it.  Ben says it can remain an option (yay) as for our other options:  Conner, Derek, and Tyson.  Ben likes Tyson... I do not, but he hasn't nixed Chet so Tyson can stay too.  Derek comes from my dad, both of us have reasons for not wanting to name our son Derek, but for some reason try as we might, we still like it.  Last but not least Conner was Ben's other suggestion and I think its cute ;)  I'm getting super anxious, we're only 2 months away!  Heaven help me if my stomach gets much bigger I wont be able to function at work!  My poor patients get bumped in the head often now. Its really embarrassing... "sorry, not used to that being there"...

30 Weeks! 

That was a long freakin post!