Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boy oh Boy

Sounds like we will be adding another little man to our family!  I'm so excited :)
Looks like my next project ( after finishing up final touches on the basement ) Will be the boys room.
I have this really great painting my grandma painted for my dad of a ship on stormy waters that will be my inspiration for their cute little nautical room.  I will try to post pictures of the basement and room when they are done.

So I'm 20 weeks now, going on 21.  Half way!  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by.  I'm feeling lots of movement now from this little one which I LOVE!  That is my favorite part of pregnancy I love to feel little kicks :)  I decided against posting a picture this time because really, I look pretty much the same.  No complaints here.  The only thing that seems to get bigger is my chest. Boo.  Still can't complain I'm two for two on having great pregnancies and so far healthy babies.  We had a scare with this little one.  I had the screening for downs and trisomy 18 at my 16 week apt. and they told me based on that test I had a 75% chance that my baby would have trisomy 18.  If you don't know what that is, its awful.  Basically it causes a bunch of abnormalities in your baby to the point that they are either still born or die within the first year.  And thats if they make it to term.  Its a pretty grim diagnosis.  I took another blood test and thanks to Thanksgiving had to wait 2 weeks for my results. I was pretty much a hormonal mess not knowing what to expect.  Hoping for the best, planning for the worst.  I had to go in for my ultrasound before I got the results back.  I was terrified at what I could potentially see, and have to deal with it face to face.  Thankfully, baby looks totally normal.  In fact, he is measuring big which is great because babies with trisomy 18 are small.  Big enough they moved my due date back up to the 22nd of april instead of the 27th.  I am just grateful for a healthy baby, I don't care when he comes!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm back!

Oh well, it has been quite some time since I last wrote, I think last year in fact.  A lot has happened this year, but I don't think I could ever catch up so I'm just going to move forward and see if I can do a better job of keeping this thing up to date!

Its snowing this morning!  Ben isn't too excited about it and typically I'm never too excited to see snow either.  However, this year I am so anxious for Christmas I can hardly stand it!  So I'm all about the snow :)  
We already have Blake's Christmas done.  We were lucky enough to run across a bunch of stuff we knew he would love for cheap.  (I love Gordmans)  It has been so hard not to open up his toys and play with him!  We are getting closer though so I will be patient.

We haven't been doing too many crazy projects lately but we did get a new back door.  We really needed a new one. Our old one wasn't doing much as far as efficiency goes.  Ben found this awesome green color and we painted the front door as well.  It has helped give our house a little curb appeal.  I LOVE our house, but I have been itching to update the exterior, so this has helped me be patient.

 The only other projects I've been up to lately are crafts.  I've discovered the wood connection and I am in LOVE!  Its a good thing its a bit of a drive because its very addicting.  I have been working on my basement.  We did some updating when we first moved in, but I was really needing some color.  I am really conservative when it comes to paint so I didn't want to paint the walls a crazy color.  After some researching on pinterest I decided I liked orange and teal.  Lucky for me those colors are popular now and I was able to find some cute things.  I also made some of my own.  Most of those projects are still under way but I did make the slat sign on my mantle.  I will post pictures of the others when I'm done.

These cute little  pumpkins are from the wood connection.  I covered them with paper and covered the layered section with burlap, to match my basement decor of course :)  The best part about the Wood connection is they have tons of cute ideas but its all unfinished so you get to do what you want with it.

 In other news... We're having another Baby!  We are so excited, Due April 27th!  This pregnancy is already going so much faster than the first one.  I am just into my second trimester, feeling great!  Not to brag, I feel for those moms who get horribly sick, BUT I was hardly sick at all.  Smells occasionally made me nauseous but all in all I was less sick with this baby than I was with Blake.  Even better news, I didn't have progesterone issues this time either so I didn't have to take expensive pills that make you sleepy, Yay!  We will find out if we get another sweet boy or a little girl in just a month!  I'm so excited to see what we'll have, but as far as what we want neither of us care.  Honestly a boy would be easy (and way cheaper) but a girl would be a fun change.  So we'll see!
15 weeks Today!  I feel like I'm showing a bit faster than last time, but a lot of that is actually shirt. I know these pictures are always more fun when there is a belly to see.  I'll try to be better about those this go-round... we shall see 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Wow, it has been a busy month!  I should stop trying to convince myself that life is slowing down.  I am getting used to being so busy, and quite frankly I quite like it.

First things first, the picture of the present I made my mom for her birthday:

Second our family Halloween party!  Another success!  It was more laid back this year, but still fun.  I did a Mad scientist theme.  Thanks to my mom for help getting props, and big thanks to those who helped with food, and Thanks to all for dressing up!  So much fun :)

I didn't post pics of everyone, but they all looked great!

Third, a fun girls night!  We decided on doing a craft this go round and since two of my friends are due this December with girls we made hair bows.  I am addicted.  Not quite sure what I am going to do with all of them... but I love to make them.  I should get a girl someday, right?

And finally!  drum roll please... FAMILY PICTURES!  I am loving how they turned out :)  I haven't seen all of them yet, but here is a sneak peek

HUGE Thanks to Brittany Hatch for taking them!

And of course, we can't forget the birth of baby Casper!

What a fun month!    I have to share quickly what my lesson was on today too.
Finding joy now, and through each stage in life.  This was great for me!  Not that I am not happy or anything, I am.  But sometimes I am thinking so far into the future, or yearning for the future that I forget to live in the now and be happy now.  I feel motivated to live one day at a time and cherish the time we have NOW!  It goes by so quickly.  I made the girls these shoes out of paper and told them to enJOY the shoes they're in.
The girls were so into the lesson, it was awesome!  Love that.

LONG POST!  thanks for reading

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Just had to share about my birthday this last week!  My husband never fails to make it amazing, every year!  I never used to care about my birthday... just another day really.  Until I met Ben, now every year he has me so excited about it!  If you know Ben, you know how observant and thoughtful he is.  I am always surprised on my Birthday.  I never come out and ask him for what I want, but he always seems to gift right on the money!  If you know Ben, you also know he is a bit of a jokster from time to time.  Well this year was a bit different than previous years.  Typically I am told happy birthday several times through out the week of my birthday and he teases me about what my gifts could possibly be.  Well this year, he didn't say much... or anything at all.  He just started a new job and is busy with projects so I didn't think anything of it.  The night before my birthday, he made plans to do projects after work.  I was kinda surprised, but his dad was in town, I figured he should use help while help was here.  No worries, we can go out another time.  So I tried to make plans to go out with my mom, just so I wasn't sitting home.  And of course to my surprise Ben showed up an hour early from work, we made dinner plans and he showered me with AWESOME gifts!  Ben is the best!  My best friend, the best husband, an amazing father!  Gol!  What more could I ask for on my birthday!  So you want to know what I got!?  I have wanted to do cycling classes again for some time now, and have tried to get Ben and I working out more frequently, so he got us gym passes to Golds!  So excited, and every monday we get to go to cylcing together :)  LOVE
My other gift was something I have been putting off for a while, but really wanted as well.  He did some research and got me an amazing sewing machine.  I'm so excited about it!  I really want to learn this skill.  I know the basics, but I want to learn to make cute fun things.  I already have lists of things to do.  Cant wait to get started!
For dinner we went to Setobello in Farmington.  Its real napoli pizza, so yummy ;)  Give it a go

Thank you Benny for another amazing Birthday!  I Love you soooooo Much :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well, it seems I was slightly off to think thing were winding down.  I'm glad to be busy for the most part.  Ben's parents will be coming later this week for conference weekend, then we have our Halloween party and Ben's sister will be in town for the week.  My sister Heather should be having a baby sometime that week as well.  We will also be doing family pictures that weekend (hopefully).  I am so excited about our pictures!  It will be the first time we have done them ourselves, meaning just my little family, wearing what we want in the setting we want.  I have been doing research and have so many good ideas!  I can't wait :)  I am also excited about some fun crafts I have coming up.  Girls night with my friends making Hair bows.  Two of them are having girls in December.  Bring on the bows!  The other craft is sorta a secret, I will have to post a picture when I'm done,  Its something I am making for my mom for her birthday.  I know she will love it, it involves two things she is crazy about.  Blake and Halloween.

Speaking of the Blakey Boy... He is getting so big!  He is so smart!  I am so in trouble when this kid figures out how to crawl.  He's getting pretty close too.  He is quite good at moving his one little thumb to push buttons and call people on Grandma's phone.  He loves anything with buttons... oh no!  I swore I wouldn't have kids playing video games all day!  The x box controller is one of his favorite things with buttons.   Luckily he loves to be outside too.  He loves the grass and we play (and pick it) quite regularly.  He is getting  so giggly now, his laugh is changing.  Instead of the little snickers, he squeals.  Its so fun to watch him grow and change.  Its crazy to look back at my little tiny newborn to my big (almost) 8 mo. old boy!  I can't believe how the time has flown!   I'm not very good at taking tons of pictures... I need to be, but here is one from the other morning.  We were reading books, like we do every morning.  Blake likes this book especially cause he can put it in his mouth.

His hair is starting to grow in again, and it stayed dark!  Yay!  Not that he wouldn't be super cute blonde, but I was hoping he would stay dark like I did.  He has lightened up some but I think he will maintain the dark for a while.  I will try to remember to post my cute crafts and of course the Halloween party!  I'm excited, we're doing mad scientist party this year with costumes.  Blake is going to be our little monster :)  Can't wait!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winding down

Ah!  (big sigh of relief) I think after this last weekend things are finally winding down!  It was such a crazy summer.  I enjoyed it, but I'm also glad to say that it is coming to an end.  I don't have pictures to post that aren't already admired on Facebook,  but I will say that Tazia's shower was a success, although we changed locations 3 times within the hour it was to start, her Bridals, receptions and wedding were all lovely as well.  I must say I did a killer job on her hair... just sayin :)  I am quite proud of it. She looked beautiful and its so fun to watch her and Chad be newly weds!

I don't have a good picture of the back of her head yet, but I borrowed this picture from my cousin's Photography page (Brittany Hatch) she took the pics.  This is so you can have an idea of the gorgeousness of her hair

I got to go with her for her bridal shoot too and it was fun to creep in on some photos 

 Heather's baby shower was this last weekend, I had fun making lots of yummy treats thanks to pinterest, my new addiction. And boy isn't it addicting.  LOVE it!

Blakey is getting huge, he is doing really well with solids, I'd say a little over 50 percent of his diet is now solids, which is good.  He is 7 months old now, I can hardly believe it!  My baby is closer to a year than a newborn.  He is such a lover lately and so funny!  He likes to tease me and he giggles all day.  It is so much fun to play with him, he is such a happy baby.  I am one blessed mama to have such an Angel.  He is just easy :)  I love it and do not take it for granted.  Please do not tell me my next child will be the devil, if I only had a nickle for every time.  I was blessed with one angel baby and that does not automatically curse me to have a devil child next.  Anyway, I just love being a mom!  I have left Blake for several hours a few times, mostly for temple trips and I hate it.  We are attached at the hip.  He is my best little buddy and it feels weird to go places without him. I know its a good thing sometimes but I just love him and want to love him all the time!  Sometimes I think it would be nice to leave him, or easier to leave him, but it doesn't take too long for me to change my mind, or miss him terribly and feel that I have made a mistake.  He is the sweetest little guy.

Ben and I started watching Arrested Development again.  If you haven't seen this, you should.  It is so funny!  Most people didn't like it while it aired, but that is because you have to follow the episodes to get the jokes.  There is an actual story line and plot people.  I love it.

This is Tobias Funke, he is the brother in law who is a never nude, and would appear to be gay.  He says a lot that he doesn't realize bad haha it is so funny!  We love this show :) I promise this show is not super Crude. It is Hilarious!

Ben also got a new job!  Yay!  He is working for a company called Evault in their billing department.  He is still trying to get settled but this job is already so much better than working for the State.  I'm so excited for him and this new opportunity for our family!  I'm proud of him for sticking it out with the state for a year and a half.  Grateful for a husband who does everything he can to provide for our family, he does such a good job.  He has really made some sacrifices and I appreciate, and respect him for doing so.  What a Guy!

Anywho, thats whats new.  Now onto NORMAL everyday life

Friday, August 17, 2012

August thus far

This month I feel will be a long month!  Not that that is a bad thing, I'm actually looking forward to it.  Its nice to be busy, isn't it?   Ben's mission companion from Finland came to stay with us with his family for a little over a week.  It's silly, but I was so nervous to meet them.  Probably because whether we all got along or not they were staying with us for a week.  Ben assured me that I would be fine and it would be like I had known him for forever.  Of course, he was right.  We had such an awesome week!  They were amazed at all the temples so close to us so we went to the Jordan River, and the Salt Lake with them.  They also went to Bountiful for their 5 year anniversary.
Jarna and I at Jordan River

Sadly, a lot of what they heard about, and wanted to do here was EAT!  haha  Truly an American past time, yes?  So that's what we did.  They wanted to try all sorts of stuff.  I think I only cooked dinner twice while they were here.  They don't have a Wendy's in Finland.  So we went to Wendy's where Henrik at the triple baconator, a small fry (which isn't so small), and a milk shake.  WHA!  He said he could do it again too.  This guy could put away food!  Wendy's was good practice though, because we also took them to Rodizio's.  We all left so full we were sick!  Ben and I usually don't like to go there, because neither of us can ever eat our money's worth.  I think this time Henrik ate enough for all of us.  He's a big guy.
The Crew at Rodizio's!  

We also went to Kneaders, My Thai, Cafe' Rio, and Tepanyaki.  What a week!

 My new Best Friend, that I sadly won't see again  for many years.
Full!  Full!  Full!
Man love

We had so much fun with these guys.  I never considered going to Finland someday, but I definitely do now. Just to see them again.  It feels like all of us have been friends our whole lives.  They are incredible people and I will miss them terribly.  Blake even made a new friend in little Topias
Jarna and I had a good little cry as they left, but we are determined to make it happen again.  I'll pray for Blake to serve his mission there and we will go pick him up ;)  Someday soon, well relatively soon, we will see them again.

Aside from the awesome company Blakey has been growing up!  He had a little cold for a while but he has his cute personality back and is doing great!  He has been eating sweet potatoes and carrots.  He likes sweet potatoes better than carrots, but he is so good about eating them anyway.

He also just decided one day that he wants to sit up, so he does!

He is growing up so fast!  I'm afraid before too long he will be quite mobile.  He likes to grab the handle on his car seat and try to lift himself up, when he is on his belly he can turn in circles and he has scooted forward once.  Oh boy, I will try and love this stationary phase while it lasts, I don't think it will be much longer.

Soon to come:  Tazia's Bridal shower, reception and wedding, and Heather's baby shower.  Oh boy what a busy month!  Bring it on!