Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wow, it has been a long time since I've been on to blog!  I can't believe my little guy is just about 3 months old now!  The time has flown by.  Blake is so big now, Its crazy how fast he's grown!  He is quite the little jabber jaw.  He likes to talk to me in the mornings... He always wakes up between 5 and 6 to eat so at that point I just keep him in bed with me.  We like to snuggle.  He likes to put his hand on my cheek when we fall asleep. By 8 I wake up to this cute little face looking right at me just talking away.  I love being home with him, being able to witness all the cute things he does, not having to worry about missing any firsts!  I am so grateful to be a stay at home mommy!  Blake has also become... well for sure become such a momma's boy.  My mom was saying that its weird that he is so aware of where I am already, that usually its not for a few more months that they get this way.  I can't even leave the room without him knowing, and if he is left with someone unfamiliar he freaks. Even if I am right there in front of him, its not good enough until I am holding him.  He even makes a ma ma sound when he cries.  Oh boy, I better figure out how to break him of this or I will never be able to date my husband again!  That said, he is an amazing baby.  He is so good and so chill, I just love it.    Anyway aside from Blake getting enormous, here are some pictures of what we have been up to:

Blake's first time to church:  Easter, My Young Women just eat him up

Easter Sunday

first Easter!  

Auntie Audri even gave him his own basket so he could hunt eggs with cousins :)

This was a few weeks ago, Blake is huge and thankfully, mommy is almost not huge.  YAY!
oh, and we got a piano ;) double YAY

We Blessed Blake on the 6th, We hope we didn't offend anyone but we only invited family, and that was enough!  My yard was swarming with people!  We're glad to have so much support.  Blake looked so handsome in his little outfit.  It's the one Ben wore when he was blessed.  I especially liked the shoes.
Big Thanks to Maggi for letting us have it

My Grandma wanted a 4 generation picture, which is very cool.  There a few others we need to get.  One in particular that I think we absolutely need is with great grandpa Golden, Grandpa Gardiner, Ben Golden, and Blake Golden.  Since there is so much name sake, it would be nice for Blake to see who he was named after 

We have been so busy lately, I guess that comes with a baby.  It makes me appreciate the down time I have with him even more.  It also makes me appreciate my husband even more, he does so much for us and I'm so so thankful to have him.  We are so incredibly blessed and are grateful for God's hand in our lives.