Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Boy

I am so excited!!!  We went to the Dr. on Tuesday and had our Ultrasound and... Its a boy!  I was so nervous once we were in the car and started driving, a nervous excited anxious... I don't know, it was just crazy that we were about to find out what our first child is going to be!  Its still so surreal to both of us.  I can picture my little family, but I can't get a feeling you know, when you look back on an old memory and you remember a smell or a certain feeling and that kind of makes it real?  I think because that is missing (since we haven't lived this yet)  It almost doesn't seem real.  I can't believe we're going to be parents!  I'm going to be a mother to this little Boy.  What an amazing opportunity, and not to mention huge responsibility.  I am again anxious, nervous, and excited.  After the Ultrasound Ben mentioned how the ultrasound was such a tease.  We got to watch our baby move (and boy did he move) and see him in human looking form (last time we saw him he was 8 weeks and looked like a dinosaur).  We both just fell in love, and now we have to wait another 4 months to have him!  Ugh!  We want him now ;)  Both of us keep wishing time would move quicker, I want to kiss his little cheeks already!  
This is the first picture from the ultrasound, he started out breech.
You can see his head and his little spine, and his femur, all curled up

And then he started to flip around...
quite the little acrobat we have here.  That is his leg clear up over his head.
He was hilarious, I was having a hard time not laughing.  He would point and flex his
 foot, Leggy baby.

This is after he was completely turned over, in the correct position
that is his little hand by his face, he was opening and closing his hand
A little wave for us ;)
 I know its just an ultrasound, but he think he has his cousin Gunner's nose
Good thing, its a cute little nose!

This is a top view of his head and you can see his arms and hands out in front of him

The Dr. asked us if we had any guesses on what we were having:  "we both kind of think its a girl..."
"Actually, I think its a boy"   Soon as she said that, he gave us 3 different views of his little man piece.
This is the cutest one, he puled his legs up over his head again and there was his little penis.
The cursor is pointing to it there between his legs.
 Dr. said he was very cooperative and gave her all the views she needed, and was able
to give us tons of pictures of him!  However, she couldn't see the outflow valves of his heart
so we get to go back in a month to see those, and him again!  Yay!  Thank you baby!
It was crazy, I know how an ultra sound works, but I guess something that never clicked is that
during your ultrasound you get to watch your baby move.  He was moving so much, he turned all the way
around in there, twice during the ultrasound.  I asked the Dr. if it was normal that they move so much
and she said yes, that some babies are more active than others but they all move.  Our little guy
is quite active.  She said it was great though because she was able to see so much, and we were able to 
take home so many pictures!  These are but a few.  We got to see his brain, all four chambers of his heart, and many different parts of his skeleton.  It was so fun ;)  Hurry baby and come meet us!


Chels+Jord said...

How fun for you! Congratulations. :)

Casper said...

Football player in the making! Incubate that baby! woot! Make him listen to good music so he's smart and tell Ben to talk sports. Future Ute player woot woot... :) I'm excited to meet the baby bear. :)