Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Baby Boy,

Oh son, whom we have not yet named... please stop kicking my bladder when its full, you have plenty of other places to play, it doesn't take up much of your space.

Went to the Doctor yesterday for our follow up ultrasound.  Our 19 week Ultrasound she couldn't see the outflow valves to his heart, so poor us, we got to go back yesterday and see our little guy again!  Yay!  We love watching him, I wish we could have an ultrasound every day.  He is so fun to watch!  And my has he got some big feet... maybe its just the way they develop, but he really has big feet.  Makes me wonder if he will grow into them before he is born or if he is just going to be huge.  Big feet makes me hopeful that he will be a big boy, I would feel rather bad for him if he got the Short gene his dad's family carries.  Those skip genes are scary to think about. We can save those for our girls, better a short daughter than a short son.

Anyway, back to the ultrasound.  So the doctor doing the ultrasound found his little heart right away and all four chambers still looking good, pumping away.  Baby was again very cooperative and he was able to find the Aorta, which is in proper position as well as the pulmonary arteries, which are also in proper position!  Everything looks normal and healthy for baby boy.  He is measuring right on track Feb 15 is still "the day".  This doctor was really informative and was also able to shed some light on my "different" placenta.  Although I just about had an anxiety attack due to the way he presented his material.  As he was checking the placenta, he showed me again the dark places that looked "different", he said they are placental lakes and basically its just my blood swirling around in little pockets from when the placenta attached to the uterine wall. Ok so that sounds ok... "you know, twenty years ago we used to think ultrasound was the cat's meow, but really thats go fish compared to ultrasound today, so really thanks to technology and a slim woman, we can see all kinds of things we never used too.... blah blah blah... birth defects.."  What!!!!  Ya, he dared bring up birth defects!  So after his scary little story I made sure to ask... so basically this is normal and he is fine?  "yes".  Ok good.  SHEESH!  

So next he asks me "is this your first pregnancy?"  Yes.  "I can tell, your baby is moving down into your pelvis as he grows.  which doesn't mean he'll come early, hopefully,  or have any complications or anything like that".   So... Its normal and he is fine?  "yes, he is just taking the path of least resistance and is pushing down into your pelvis because its easier than pushing out your abdominal wall."   Ok so baby is fine, and I'm going to take that as a compliment! ;)  Abs are harder to move than pelvis.  BAM!  And that would explain why my hips and lower back hurt.


23 Weeks pregnant, officially 6 mo.
not the best outfit for a prego picture, I will try to be better about posting them.

So needless to say, our son is healthy and growing and he likes his "different" placenta just fine.  And for some odd reason thinks that only when my bladder is full (mind you) does he need to kick it.  Oh boy.  I should not complain.  I have seriously had the easiest pregnancy ever. He is a good baby.  I just wish he was here already!   Come quickly February!