Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Gardiner's Garden

Well, while I have been MIA, a lot has happened!  I don't even know where to start... So I guess we will skip the details and just say that in June:  Tazia got engaged to the Mr. Chad Prows!  We are all so excited for them and so glad to be adding Chad to our family. It feels like he has been in the family for so long already anyways, we are happy for it to be official.  They are getting married the end of August.  Tazia already has her dress and most of her wedding planned and it is going to be fabulous!  I'm very excited for her.  

We also had Heather's actual wedding.  My dad's cousin married them and he did a wonderful job.  Aside from the wind it was very nice.  I got to do Heather's hair and makeup, I love doing that.
Heather also found out that her baby is a girl!  I'm so excited, and Blake is looking forward to having a cute cousin to play with in October.

We went to Idaho for Ben's family reunion.  This year we went to Steadman's, which was really fun, they have 2 giant water slides and a zip line and skeet shooting (which I am not so good at...).  We found Lake Cleveland and my nephew Clayton skunked Ben out of his fishing spot.  Blake loved being outside fishing with his dad and grandpa.

Blake started rice cereal... he isn't quite sure how he feels about it, but he is good sport and always eats good for me.  He is also obsessed with his feet and is very good about getting them in his mouth, a habit I hope dies eventually, but its cute for now.

July:   on the 4th we had a BBQ with some of our friends here in our neighborhood.  We had our own little firework show after we ate.  Blake slept through most of them (which surprised me), but its better than crying through them.  One of our aerial fireworks tipped over and started shooting in all crazy directions.  it finally started making its way towards where we were sitting and we all started scrambling a little too late.  I had Blake in my arms and saw one land right in front of us!  I turned just in time to save Blake but my hip took the brunt of the shell and I sported a nasty bruise for quite a while.  We felt like we had been in a war.

A week after we got back from the reunion we headed back up to Idaho for a funeral.  Ben's Grandma passed away, which was unexpected, but a very nice service.  She was an amazing woman.  I don't think anyone was worried about Grandma, but it was hard to watch Grandpa. That is always the hard part about funerals, is the ones left behind.

Tazia moved out.  She got a fun little apartment, I know she is excited and loving it.

Heather had her reception on the 13th. She let me make her wedding cake, which was a new thing for me.  I really enjoyed it. We had lots of family in town.  My aunt and cousins stayed here with us, we had a full house!  It was nice to see family and friends that we don't see often.

Blake started rolling over and is getting quite good at it, which makes it harder for me to do things... he is not so stationary anymore.  We spend a lot more time on the floor now.

Now to explain the title.  We started a garden in our backyard with the help of Ben's sister Audri and it is doing so well!  I went and picked a ton of veggies this morning and there are tons more coming.  The garden was seeming like so much work, its hard to find a time that isn't too hot to weed.  Picking the produce was so fun and super satisfying though

Almost ready to start picking ...

Long update!  I will try and blog more often so they are shorter.  til next time