Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blake Golden

Happy Valentines Day surprise to me!!!  Blake was born a day early (or an hour early really) when we thought he would be almost a week late.  Talk about timing!  This baby has always, from his first ultrasound at 8 wks, measured right on to the day.  The 15th was the due date no questions asked.  He was text book throughout the whole pregnancy!
As you know my Dr. told me since I wasn't progressing we would see where I was at on the 13th and maybe move the induction back to the 20th.  So on the 13th at my appointment, my Dr. confirmed that I was still only 50% and a tight 1 cm.  I couldn't believe it! Thats 3 weeks that I sat at the same spot!  So she said I would be going into the hospital on the night of the 20th, they would give me a pill to soften my cervix and start me on pit the next morning.  I left there a bit discouraged to say the least.  That night, or more like Tuesday morning at 2 am I woke up for the usual...Pee and didnt quite make it to the toilet.  That was my initial thought anyway. I ran the rest of the way to the bathroom and to skip the details I called my Dr. and she said I better go to the hospital and have them check it.
We grabbed our stuff and took our time going in, it was sort of surreal and we both thought we would be sent home.  I couldn't get past all that fluid though!  I knew it was not pee.  At the hospital, we checked in and headed to Labor and delivery where they put me in a room, dressed me in a robe and hooked me up the external monitors.  They came in after a bit and checked the fluid, claiming it was not amniotic fluid!  What the heck was it then???  I did not pee my pants!  OK, so I was left to be monitored for a bit longer when I finally felt my first contraction!  and a giant gush...gush...gush!  We called the nurse in and she checked the fluid and said we would be staying.  Ah ha!  I knew it wasn't pee!  I didn't feel any contractions after that although I was having them.  By 6 o'clock they finally put us in a room and started my IV and PIT.  It took a while but I was finally starting to feel contractions...and they got worse pretty quick!
By 10:30 contractions were 1 min long and anywhere from 2 to 3 min apart.  The pain was manageable, however even between contractions it never left my back.  Even though the pain wasnt too bad, I was hungry and exhausted!  I had been up since 2!  Needless to say, I was having a hard time mentally staying on top of the pain.  Ben suggested we talk to the nurse and after doing so we decided to go ahead and get an epidural.  That was in place and working nicely by about noon.  PS it was a piece of cake!  I hardly felt a thing.
The nurse decided to go ahead and check me while she was placing the catheter and she said "oh hun, I think you made a good choice, you're still only a 1!"  Oh my!  So from that point on its really pretty boring... numb legs and ice chips (cause that's all you can eat)  They checked me again at 3, I was a 3.  Again at 7 I was a 5-6, again at 10...I was a 10!  Hallelujah!!!  My Dr arrived shortly after, we pushed and had a baby!  Easy Peasy!  Seriously, it was long and boring for the most part, but after he was out I looked at Ben and even said "That was a breeze!"    I thought the pushing was the hard part...
Baby was perfect! 7lbs even, 19.5 in long, and Super cute! 

 This is Blake on our way to his first Dr. visit.  Dr. was well pleased with him.  He didn't even bother checking his jaundice, because it was so minimal.  He is already back up past his birth weight too!  He's seriously the best baby!  Only whimpers when he's hungry and Cries when you change his bum.  He is not a fan of anything cold.  Wipes especially.
I love this little guy so much!  I must admit, I am a baby hog.  I could hold him all day long, and sometimes I do ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Suck-o-la seemed an appropriate blog title for two reasons:

1. I suck and have not posted for a long time, and I suck again cause even though I am posting now...still no pictures of new couches or baby bump.  Don't think I will be posting them til after baby comes because my camera is packed in the hospital bag and I don't want to forget it so it stays in the bag.

2. The biggest reason for suck-o-la-ness is my last Dr. visit.

OK everyone, here is the update on the boy.  Still no official name and honestly I don't even like to talk to Ben about it anymore because he knows it is now a good way to push buttons and I end up mad.  We do have some options still but they have changed since last time.  I wont bother giving you the new ones because they will probably change again.  However, I am insistent that Chet remain on the list.  So it is.

Aside from the name game, Before my Dr. appointment on Monday I was 50% effaced and nothing was said as to whether or not I was dilated, but we were all happy cause that meant things were looking good and baby was still right on track...I was still on track.  So Monday at my appointment, she measured and we listened to his heart beat and she also did an ultrasound and everything is looking perfectomundo!  His head is down, he is moving down, he looks and sounds great!  Baby is doing wonderfully.  So we reach the point of "go ahead and scoot down"  and she says I am still only 50% effaced and barely dilated to 1 cm.  UGH!  So basically she said that (because my cervix is stupid)  She will not be inducing me by the 15th unless something big happens by my next appointment.  Bummer.

She then asked me if I was still having intercourse and that that could be really helpful in moving my cervix along.  Ben must have called her with a sweet bribe or something.  When I told him later what she said, his response was "well, how do you think she gets her referrals?"  Some feast before the famine I guess... anyway so my Dr. said we're looking more like the 20th.  I am having a hard time with this.  I felt so ready and excited about the 15th, I felt good and ready... its only 5 more days but for some reason it is the END of the world!!!   I am grateful that baby is doing perfectly, and I should not dwell on when he comes, but its stupid.  My mom then informed me that she was 5 days late with her first.  I never thought he would come late, the Dr. said she would induce me by his due date if he wasn't here already.  I guess thats what is hard, I had not thought of it.  So its kind of a curve ball.

I am glad he is doing good, I will just think happy cervix thoughts and maybe it wont hate me any longer!  Pray for me people, and a soft cervix :)