Thursday, April 21, 2011

Landrie Grace + Titan

My last post reminded me that I slacked off on the last little one that came into the Fam Damily ;)  Little Landrie Grace.  She belongs to my Brother in law Hank and his wife Rachel.  She is such a cute happy baby.

Here she is! In the cute little out fit I bought her ;)

Such a sweet girl!

Our girl time was shortly interrupted by a little boy.  Titan:

He wanted to play "birds".  He is the cutest thing. He just shoots the birds backwards and laughs.  Wow, isn't it sick that this two year old knows how to use an ipod?  Holy cow!  Now I know how old people feel when they see us using computers ;)

Adventures in Rexburg

Ya, I know.  You probably read that and thought Rexburg and adventures should never be used together in a sentence because Rexburg sucks.  Well, yes Rexburg sucks, but we ventured out there anyways because Ben's oldest sister Cheri and her family live there.  She just had a baby a few weeks ago and we hadn't seen the little guy! 
Chase Vincent 

Cute little guy!  I had him several times while he was hungry and I must say He was quite angry at me knowing I had the parts but wasn't putting out! Hopefully he won't hold it against me the rest of his life:)

Ben and I decided we wanted to stay at a hotel there.  It's called the Americ Inn.  It was really nice!  Ben surprised me and got a theme room.  Take a look:

The chivalrous "knight"

As you walk in the door

I want the big brown chair sooo Bad!  It would have been far too noticeable carrying it out to the car, so I had to settle for a towel instead.  O, come on!  Like you've never stolen from a hotel.
My flat iron was still hot, so I just "borrowed a towel". Don't judge me.

The bed.  Super comfortable!

Our Jetted Tub

Sorry its blurry, but there is a knights armor next to the bed. 
Not going to lie, I checked it's helmet for cameras hahahaha
paranoid much?  Yes.

My blurry husband walking in to put our complimentary 
Martinelli's on ice

The bath room

It was so much fun to get away for a night!  We stayed in a themed hotel room for our wedding night as well, the captains quarters (a pirate themed room. Arg! be there any booty in here!? ;) bahaha) and I'm so sad I didn't get pictures of it!  We like the theme rooms, they are so fun.  Two down, and hopefully many more to come.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The People of Walmart

I just had a thought.  Ben and I were driving the other day and I remember him saying (out of the blue),

"Hey, we haven't looked at any Walmart People in a while..."

So I though I would share with you one of our favorite pass times.  Enjoy ;)


Why roll up your sleeves? Another way to check your blood pressure is by clamping the testing device on your left nipple. See, you learn something new every day.


Oh sorry for staring, I just assumed a Shakespeare play was about to start when I saw the theater drapes on your back.


It was a close one, but That’s A First prevailed to take home the title! We would like to thank everyone for voting.


Oh damn! How is it that fishnet can’t even hold you in? Those things are strong enough to contain angry sharks but somehow your side tire is too much for it! Not good.  Ps they found this in UT People...


I shall dub this match-up “Who would you like to hug in a loving embrace more?”


Holy Sweet Mother of Molasses! I’m not gonna ask where you’ve been all my life because I don’t venture to the types of places you do, but I can’t help but wonder why you weren’t in my life sooner so we could have put you in our tournament!!!!


I like the connection between these two opponents. He looks like he is wearing a big condom and she could have used one.

HA HA!  Sorry if this isn't your kind of humor, but we love it!  So stinkin funny!

Helloo Helloo

I don't have any pictures but....

I joined a volley ball team with Emily Ferguson and some other girls from high school who all played in high school... except me haha.  I have really enjoyed playing though.  Its so much fun to be part of a team again!  I will have to have Ben take pictures of our next game so I can share ;)  I'm definitely the worst player on the team but I am learning a lot and thankfully All the girls are patient with me and are SUPER helpful in teaching me how to get better!  Thank you Ladies!

This Volley ball thing has really got me motivated to start working out again too.  I have been pretty good about staying active since high school but it is definitely more challenging.  The lady who used to come teach us pilates/cycling/circuts had to stop since her kids started up school again so I haven't been very good the past... umm...several months... But its never too late!  So I decided to look into Gold's Gym.  I know Emily goes there and It would be great to go with her and motivate each other.  I signed up for those 7 day pass things and Yesterday after much confusion on what time I was really supposed to be there, went and had a session with a trainer.  I ran on the eliptical for 20 min, did intervals on the bike for 10 min., and then we went down stairs for some core work.  Yeah Baby ;)  My favorite.  I have always had pretty good core muscles, especially my back. Thats not to say that they have always looked amazing, but they have always been strong.          He said I was so fun to train because I had good form ;)   Well thank you!  So right as I'm feeling awesome about my "good form"  I started to feel faint... Dont worry I didn't pass out, but I felt like it.  Feeling retarded,  I sat down for a minute and he could tell I was not so good so he had me lay down and put my legs up... on his leg... AND IT WAS PRICKLY!!!  Ya!  This dude totally shaved his legs.  GROSS.  They were so prickly.  After I was feeling ok again, and he proceeded to show me the next move, I noticed that he saves his freaking ARMPITTS!  Ok, I have heard of guys shaving their chest, legs, arms, etc.  but never have I EVER seen a man shave his armpits... good grief.  Still wondering why I was feeling faint I realized it was lunch time and I'm telling you if I don't eat I will pass out.  My metabolism is quite demanding these days even when I  am a bump on a log at home.  Plus he was totally eating a cookie and drinking a capri sun right in front of me!

So now that I'm thinking about it, Yesterday was pretty much fun between the work out at golds and what I'm about to tell you.  If you are easily offended please discontinue reading.

After I was done at the gym, I walked down to my parents house seeing as I didn't have a car and it is a long walk to my house.  up hill both ways you know, anyways.  I was watching a movie with James when Cody came in the front door holding two snakes.  Nothing creepy, just two little Gardner snakes.  But wait.  How did you catch two of them!?  So we go outside with the snakes as Cody tells us that these snakes are in the middle of a little somthin' somthin'.  Have you ever, ever in your whole life thought of, much less, seen snakes doin it?  I haven't.  Well I am that much more informed.  I now know that snakes have penises and the other girl things... ( I'd rather not say it).  And I SAW them.  HAHA It was the oddest thing I think I  have ever seen.  And then I thought, hey Cody what the heck!  Leave them to it man... How dare you, really.

Yup, so that was my day yesterday.  I really liked it haha.  Please don't think I'm a sicko, it was freakishly interesting, I wish you could have been there.

Thanks for reading, try not to lose any sleep tonight

PS A special thank you to Ashley and Emily for sharing Fart stories on your blogs.  I love you