Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sabbath

I had to share about my day yesterday.  It was so incredible.  So average, but for some reason it was the best day!  Ben and I went to church, as usual.  I didn't have to teach this Sunday, which was a really nice break considering I teach every Sunday...  It was nice to listen to a lesson instead of giving one.  The lesson for our YW was on Temples and temple marriage.  It was a good lesson, I really enjoyed it.  Being fast Sunday, we always give our girls the opportunity to bear their testimonies in YW cause we all know how scary it is in Sacrament meeting.  None of the girls were getting up so finally I stood up and told the girls how important that lesson was, that in my opinion it is the most important lesson they will receive in young women.  If they live worthy to go to the temple and marry an eternal companion there it will make all the difference in their lives.  I really hope they know that, and know how FAST it happens.  I was only a Laurel when my Laurels were Behives!  And now I'm married with a kid on the way teaching Young women.  Life hits you fast, and I wanted them to know how having the temple in my life has been such a blessing and will be to theirs too.  
We always have amazing lessons in Sunday School, the teachers are so amazing!  Ben and I really enjoy their lessons, so that was as usual, delightful.  We did get a big surprise though.  We found out we were getting a new bishop!  So by the time Sacrament mtg. came 'round we were checking out who had family there to see who might be in the running.  Not knowing the ward too well yet, we weren't really sure if we cared too much who it would be.  Lucky for us, they called two of our favorite men in the ward to be the bishop and a counselor.  We don't know the other counselor too well but I'm sure he's great!  So that was definitely a wonderful end to our meeting.  Our stake president spoke as well, I've only heard him speak twice but he is so amazing and I already just love him.  It was the first time Ben had heard him speak, but he enjoyed him too.  So when we came home I insisted we try and catch up on conference ( don't judge us, we still haven't seen all the talks yet, we missed them).  One of the talks was by Neil L. Anderson on children.  I loved sitting there with Ben listening to this talk.  Every once in a while when Elder Anderson would say something particularly special Ben would squeeze my hand. We made cookies, read some hilarious things out of Ben's old journal, and made dinner together.  I was just in a state of bliss.  We have our struggles, money isn't growing from the tree in the back yard, Ben doesn't like his job ( which is really hard, if you've ever really hated a job), and you know how life just isn't always fair.  But there is only one kind of fair.  A fair is a place where you take your pig, and even through the struggles I feel so happy.  Life is so good.  Ashley Feller, you are right!  Life is a wonderful thing and we are so blessed to live it!  It felt so good doing things that centered around the savior yesterday in our home and we are making it a goal to keep it that way.  Not just on Sunday.  We want to fill our home with love and make it a place where the spirit can dwell.  This gospel really is such a wonderful thing and I am absolutely Certain that we are so happy and blessed because we keep God in our relationship and try to live the way he wants us to live.  He only wants us to be happy after all, we need to trust in him and always remember that!  

Life is good, God is good, and so are those pumpkin cookies we made yesterday ;)  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween... a little late

I'm a little slow getting up our Halloween story, but better late than never eh? 

 Tazia attended multiple halloween parties, so I got pretty good at doing hair and makeup for Cleopatra...

She looked really good, its better in person, but she came home from 3 different parties where she said everyone asked her who did her hair and make up... and as usual was spotted by a modeling agency.  Man do I know how to make that girl look good :)

And Pebbles...

This was fun ;)  Deidre was pebbles and she looked so cute, also better in person!

On the Saturday before Halloween, we held a Halloween party at our place for my mom, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins who were old enough to date.  It was such a scream!  I was nervous about throwing a party, cause I'm really not much of a host but I'm so glad I did it was so much fun!  Ben was also skeptic throughout the whole planning process, but after all was said and done he loved it.  He even suggested we throw one every year ;)  Maybe we will try a different Holiday next year...?

I made sloppy Joe's and just had every one bring a side dish to share.  I wish I would have got a picture of it all on the table, we had brains, hearts, Monster cheese balls, and all sorts of good stuff!  We played a few games, the winners were given prizes... one game was kind of on going throughout the night.  Its called "Don't say that"  Everyone couldn't say the word "I" or they had to give up one of their little candies to whom ever caught them, that was fun.  We also played the game where you hang donuts from a string and each couple had to eat it off the string, My parents won haha although James and D were probably only a bite behind them

The Winners!

Cody and Tazia
AKA: Captain underpants and Cleopatra

Brittney and Brock (I think)
AKA: Geek and Football player

Grandma and Grandpa

Justin and Sjana
AKA: Pirates

Deidre "D", and James
AKA Banana and uh...

 Shane and Julie
AKA Shane and his twin

 Ben and I (oh and baby)
AKA the hosts...

Here is a little Taste:

I wish I could have some how seen a little more of everyone, but it was quite hillarious

Even better than the Donut game was the balloon game.  Each couple had to take turns being blindfolded and led to a balloon that they then blew up.  The couple had to pop it by hugging ;)  So stinking funny!  Ben and I were rolling on the ground laughing so hard.  If it wasn't so dark this would have been on video for sure it was so much fun, probably the best part of the whole night.  Here are some pics:

Everyone all lined up ready to go

Taz and Cody are the first to their balloon

 Justin and Sjana, ready to pop their balloon

 Mom trying to tie hers 


 Or not... they were harder to pop than they thought ;)

 Sjana in hysteria while Justin is working hard for the prize

 Tazia and Cody on their last stretch!  And they were the winners!

It was the most hilarious thing to watch, I highly recommend this game!  We had so much fun, and it turned out just perfect.  Everyone was so awesome and helped clean up, I didn't have too much to do after they left. Loved it!

So on Halloween, Ben and I both had to work, but we made it over to the Ferg's for dinner with friends.  There were some delicious soups and yummy treats and of course wonderful company!  It was a good Halloween all in all.  My favorite time of year ;)