Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm back!

Oh well, it has been quite some time since I last wrote, I think last year in fact.  A lot has happened this year, but I don't think I could ever catch up so I'm just going to move forward and see if I can do a better job of keeping this thing up to date!

Its snowing this morning!  Ben isn't too excited about it and typically I'm never too excited to see snow either.  However, this year I am so anxious for Christmas I can hardly stand it!  So I'm all about the snow :)  
We already have Blake's Christmas done.  We were lucky enough to run across a bunch of stuff we knew he would love for cheap.  (I love Gordmans)  It has been so hard not to open up his toys and play with him!  We are getting closer though so I will be patient.

We haven't been doing too many crazy projects lately but we did get a new back door.  We really needed a new one. Our old one wasn't doing much as far as efficiency goes.  Ben found this awesome green color and we painted the front door as well.  It has helped give our house a little curb appeal.  I LOVE our house, but I have been itching to update the exterior, so this has helped me be patient.

 The only other projects I've been up to lately are crafts.  I've discovered the wood connection and I am in LOVE!  Its a good thing its a bit of a drive because its very addicting.  I have been working on my basement.  We did some updating when we first moved in, but I was really needing some color.  I am really conservative when it comes to paint so I didn't want to paint the walls a crazy color.  After some researching on pinterest I decided I liked orange and teal.  Lucky for me those colors are popular now and I was able to find some cute things.  I also made some of my own.  Most of those projects are still under way but I did make the slat sign on my mantle.  I will post pictures of the others when I'm done.

These cute little  pumpkins are from the wood connection.  I covered them with paper and covered the layered section with burlap, to match my basement decor of course :)  The best part about the Wood connection is they have tons of cute ideas but its all unfinished so you get to do what you want with it.

 In other news... We're having another Baby!  We are so excited, Due April 27th!  This pregnancy is already going so much faster than the first one.  I am just into my second trimester, feeling great!  Not to brag, I feel for those moms who get horribly sick, BUT I was hardly sick at all.  Smells occasionally made me nauseous but all in all I was less sick with this baby than I was with Blake.  Even better news, I didn't have progesterone issues this time either so I didn't have to take expensive pills that make you sleepy, Yay!  We will find out if we get another sweet boy or a little girl in just a month!  I'm so excited to see what we'll have, but as far as what we want neither of us care.  Honestly a boy would be easy (and way cheaper) but a girl would be a fun change.  So we'll see!
15 weeks Today!  I feel like I'm showing a bit faster than last time, but a lot of that is actually shirt. I know these pictures are always more fun when there is a belly to see.  I'll try to be better about those this go-round... we shall see