Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Just had to share about my birthday this last week!  My husband never fails to make it amazing, every year!  I never used to care about my birthday... just another day really.  Until I met Ben, now every year he has me so excited about it!  If you know Ben, you know how observant and thoughtful he is.  I am always surprised on my Birthday.  I never come out and ask him for what I want, but he always seems to gift right on the money!  If you know Ben, you also know he is a bit of a jokster from time to time.  Well this year was a bit different than previous years.  Typically I am told happy birthday several times through out the week of my birthday and he teases me about what my gifts could possibly be.  Well this year, he didn't say much... or anything at all.  He just started a new job and is busy with projects so I didn't think anything of it.  The night before my birthday, he made plans to do projects after work.  I was kinda surprised, but his dad was in town, I figured he should use help while help was here.  No worries, we can go out another time.  So I tried to make plans to go out with my mom, just so I wasn't sitting home.  And of course to my surprise Ben showed up an hour early from work, we made dinner plans and he showered me with AWESOME gifts!  Ben is the best!  My best friend, the best husband, an amazing father!  Gol!  What more could I ask for on my birthday!  So you want to know what I got!?  I have wanted to do cycling classes again for some time now, and have tried to get Ben and I working out more frequently, so he got us gym passes to Golds!  So excited, and every monday we get to go to cylcing together :)  LOVE
My other gift was something I have been putting off for a while, but really wanted as well.  He did some research and got me an amazing sewing machine.  I'm so excited about it!  I really want to learn this skill.  I know the basics, but I want to learn to make cute fun things.  I already have lists of things to do.  Cant wait to get started!
For dinner we went to Setobello in Farmington.  Its real napoli pizza, so yummy ;)  Give it a go

Thank you Benny for another amazing Birthday!  I Love you soooooo Much :)

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